I designed and produced this website for a business that sell charms and charm bracelets.

AUDIOLOGY ASSOCIATES A private audiology practice employed me to create this website. It enables them to better meet the needs of their patients, and gives them a web presence among their competitors.

BOMDIVER I designed the look and feel of this website for a start-up company. The company was sold before it went public, so a sample screen is shown here.

RANA HOLIDAY I designed these five temporary web pages for my client.

U THREADS I prepare the product images for this website, modifying and optimizing them for the internet. (I did not design the overall look of this website.)

WASSER GRAPHICS One of my earliest websites. The client requested something simple, and this still serves his purpose.

MY SISTER'S SITE Created as a personal website for my sister.

PRODUCTIONS I designed this website while working as the visual designer for Muze Productions. (You can find me on the "About Us/Principals" page.) I designed the look and feel and created all the graphics for this website. I also created the MUZE Flash animation on the opening page.

IRENA HENTEA PHOTOGRAPHY An independent photographer hired me to create this website for her, on a limited budget. She didn't have me do any organizing of her site, but it was a pleasure complementing her lovely photos with design elements.

RICOH ICONS Muze Productions designed the software for the Ricoh product eCabinet. When Ricoh later revised the software, they needed many new icons. I created these icons to match the existing eCabinet look and feel. (This is proprietary software that is accessible online by owners of the product.)

PG&E CUSTOMER SERVICE ONLINE In 1998 I put together the help pages for PG&E's Customer Service Online. Here are a few sample images.

SCHWAB CANADA (animated)

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