I need a website for my business

I need some images added to my existing website, and ongoing updates

I need a brochure, catalog, mailer, and some postcards

I need well-designed business stationery

I need a unique, personalized illustration

I need to add some animation to my website

I need a new logo for my business

I need one designer who can do it all

Looperz Dezign will give you the quality you need for a price much lower than you might expect. We charge a low hourly rate for any project, making it possible for even small business owners to have the high end products you need to make your business known.

Jill Looper has been a graphic designer for 10+ years and has designed and produced graphics for a variety of clients, including Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Ricoh, and Charles Schwab. A Stanford University graduate with certification in Graphic Arts, she has the intelligence and creativity to produce virtually anything you might need.

"I've never missed a deadline. I don't mind quick turn-arounds and understand that sometimes last minute changes are necessary. I like to communicate at every step to be sure your product turns out exactly the way you want it."
Experience the difference Professional, Quality Design can make for your business.
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